MySendmail- Free SMTP Server Gets Your Emails Rolling In, Even On The Go!

SMTP! What’s that?

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol(SMTP) is an Internet standard for electronic mail transmission over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. SMTP is extensively deployed by electronic mail servers and other mail transfer agents for emailing to and fro, that is, to send and receive emails.

SMTP finds favor with user-level email apps too, the usage much more modest in this case. SMTP servers are primarily used to link email clients to dedicated mail servers for relaying messages. For receiving though, either the Post Office Protocol (POP) or the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) is usually turned to. In simple words, POP is what gets your incoming mails, while SMTP sends out the outgoing ones.

Why Free SMTP? There are lots of email services out there, many of them severely limited and hence useless from a business standpoint. Also, as an enterprise personalized email addresses is what you look for, with your own domain name on it. Most domains bring free emailing to the table but they put a price on their SMTP services. It therefore makes sense in working your domain on a free SMTP, or a free SMTP server so to speak.

Also, facing difficulties sending emails from more than one location (e.g. at home, at work, staying in a hotel, visiting another city or country) is something we encounter every now and then on our travels. This is generally a result of the incompatibility of your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to work around constantly changing networks.

This is a security measure used by Internet Service Providers to prevent people sending spam through their servers, but it’s also a problem for laptop, smartphone and PDA users who want to use their email on the go. So is there a solution? Of course! The Mysendmail Free SMTP server works on internet connections across the globe. It channels outgoing mails to the recipients by transitioning as your outgoing mail server. It works uninhibited without being dictated by network strength, device settings, and server snags–basically anything that holds you back from enjoying continued emailing.

The free SMTP server can turn even the worst network or server conditions to your advantage by working around them and keeping you connected all the time. The Mysendmail Free SMTP server allows you to send emails using a login and password from every internet connection without changing SMTP server settings (on your device)even once. Alongside quick, uninterrupted emailing, the Free SMTP Server heightens your email security and privacy. It’s like a whole new level of encryption you work in. Global ISPs, commercial enterprises, government agencies, schools and technology enthusiasts all over the world have relished the freedom to secured emailing anytime, anywhere on the Free SMTP server.

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