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“What’s your pet peeve on the go?”  Try sounding out the vox populi on this, and watch the clamor for ‘Email’. A mere educated guess is enough to drive home the point: When you’re on the move, emails can have you over a barrel.  Dead connectivity, sluggish data transfers, dwindling networks…there’s simply no escape!

Email breakdowns don’t appease anyone. But it’s more than a matter of aversions, email outages can really mess things up. Say you’re camping somewhere in distant backwoods, when a bolt from the blue freezes you out: That decisive file you were to mail to the person upstairs is still sitting pretty on your PDA, and come hell or heaven, now your emails won’t get going. There’s no connectivity!

Ok! This may sound a ted dramatic but it’s very much for real. Emails have this knack of acting silly on the move. The irony is that it is in these times you need your emails more than ever!

SMTP Email Server

If you’re an email geek, you probably know what an SMTP Email Server is. In plain terms, it’s a simple messenger that works as outgoing email carrier.

When you send an email, it’s routed to your SMTP Mail Server (provided by your Internet Service Provider) The SMTP generates a backup and forwards the mail to the addressee. If the Email SMTP Server fails, your outgoing emails come unstuck.

Bogged Down Emails

So SMTP Email Server is the good ol’ messenger. It is a flunky that delivers your emails. But is it also the thorn in your side? Is it behind those unforeseen email outages? Yes!

But hang on… don’t whet your knives up…not yet!

The SMTP Email Server is wedded to ISP. If you’re on your home network, all stays hunky-dory. The moment there’s a network swop (which’s what happens on the go), you register a different ISP, and trouble kicks in thereafter. No sooner than your ISP changes, the SMTP outgoing mail server breaks down, clogging your email access completely.

It’s not the SMTP but the changing ISPs that are behind most email outages.

Free SMTP Email Servers/ Universal SMTP Email Servers

Universal SMTP Servers are the antidote for email outages. Such servers open up to changing networks, ISPs, and bring around email connectivity that never misses the mark. Your emails are on—always!

Mysendmail is one Free SMTP Server that fights off all barriers to bring about an email service that’s ubiquitous and active round-the-clock.

The Mysendmail Free SMTP Email Server is a Global SMTP server that syncs iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows– in short–all email clients with global networks. The end result: From places downtown to somewhere in the boonies—your emails reach everywhere!


The Mysendmail Free SMTP Email Server Roundup

With Mysendmail Free SMTP Server, you can train your sights on your emails getting delivered anywhere, anytime. It beats all odds to setup infallible email continuity. With the Free SMTP Email Server, you:

  • Get free lunches: Set up an account; get to send 10 Emails per day, all for FREE
  • Carry on using old email accounts with the same passwords and email clients of your choice (Outlook, Gmail etc)
  • Get cracking at once: The setup process is less-than-a-minute drill
  • Enjoy best email pricing: The high-end plans offer the most Affordable Email Marketing Prices you’ll ever come across.
  • Call the shots: There are a number of high-end Email Marketing Pricing Plans on the cards. Pick what suits your cause the best!




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